Athlete guide

The consent form needs to be signed before the race. You may sign and send it to  before the race start or bring it to the race briefing.

Stages and rules


Start 05:00. 11 July 2 km Open water swim. 200m loop x 10. Safety sup will be in the water.
CP 1: North cape, Norway. Hornvika

Expected water temp: 6- 8 degrees.

Sun: 24h


1st Bike 2000km from CP 1: Hornvika to CP 2: Krossbu Turisthytte

2nd Bike 750km after run from

CP 2: Krossbu Turisthytte to CP 3: Lindesnes

In the event of a serious mechanical that renders one’s bike un-rideable, a rider may be assisted by motor vehicle in moving backwards, forwards, or directly off the route. A rider may also receive assistance returning back to the location they left however, the moment they rejoin the route, any forward assistance is prohibited, even if a rider has already ridden that stretch prior to leaving the route. 


165km, 6820+- trail/mountain run. Start CP 1: Krossbu Turisthytte

CP 2: Galdhøpiggen 2469m 

CP 3: Glittertind 2465m, 

CP 4: Gjendesheim,

CP 5: Krossbu Turisthytte

Along the route there are mountain cabins with food and energy (limited assortment). 

Route gpx


To organize a race in the most beautiful locations and with such large distances point to point is not easy. However a limited number of participants makes it possible and we believe it is well worth the effort. It is very important to follow the rules in the locations you pass through (national parks).

It is also very important that you understand the risks involved in this race and are capable of racing self supported or supported in swim, bike and run over great distances at remote locations sometimes far away from people and help. If you are uncertain of your capabilities this is NOT the race for you.

Drafting or pacing

Not permitted in either swim, bike or run. You may not use other people or vehicles for drafting.

Check points

You will have to pass all check points. Your spot tracker data will be reviewed during and after the race)

Media coverage

We understand the need for visibility and we will have 1 service car updating daily about the race. We will pay a lot of attention tracking the athletes to make this an unique experience for everybody. The media coverage will include drone videos and photos.  


Is only required at Smygehuk and Abisko. Camping (low cost) available at both location.

Along the route you're free to choose your own accommodation. We highly recommend a small bivy/tent and sleeping bag. It is very easy to find a place to camp because of "allemansrätten" (freedom to roam) the right to public access in Sweden and Norway. Up north there will be long distances between some cities were you can sleep or resupply.

Mandatory gear

Spot X tracker and spot tracking subscription (5min update) for tracking is required.

Live leaderboard updates will be posted.

GPS device


Recommended gear


Swim googles

Running backpack with bottles

Running shoes

Bivy/tarp/tent/sleeping bag (with mosquito net!!)

Bike and run lights

Power bank or dynamo

Bike tools, tubes

Water/food storage

Gear storage on bike


Merino shirt

Merino socks

Waterproof bike shoe covers

Waterproof jacket

Gloves (warm/rain)

Warm lightweight jacket


Bike storage

There will be a place available to store your bike at all run and swim sections.


Drop bag

You can leave a drop bag (backpack size, max 15kg) at the start and it will be at your finish in Abisko. Here you can store your wetsuit and stuff you want before and after the race. The bag will not be available before you finish the race.

Water and food

Tap water everywhere is drinkable and recommended. You must buy and organize your own food. No pre made drop bags, support or deliveries are permitted.



Start: Airport Malmö-Sturup (MMX) or Copenhagen Kastrup CPH

Finish: Kiruna (KRN)