Kristian Kristiansen

Holistic biomechanics and movement therapist

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Exploring movements and limits in full range of time and resistance. Triathlon, gymnastics, weightlifting, xc-skiing, trail running, kajak, sup. To reach my potential.

Business strategy: To practice and learn sports/movements in the full range of human motion for better knowledge in physical and mental performance. To help YOU reach YOUR potential.
Ice-hockey to bodyguard to risk manager to founder of Athletic Development & Performance Training (2007) and Trans Continental Triathlons.

Allround athlete with 2 World Cup wins in 10x Ironman and 2x Ironman. National record in 2x, 3x and 10x Ironman (Triathlon)
Academic with a reallity based approach understanding what we do know exploring what we don't. 

Examples of education and experience

- International licensed personal trainer

- Sport specific trainer

- Massage therapist

- Nutritionist 

- Security Risk management (masters diploma)

- Edith Cowan University sports (Trainer), Aus

- Head coach Sig Sauer Academy, Aus